Indian Couple Photo Shoot in Barcelona (The Cotton Hotel, Gothic Quarter)

Abhi and Aisha have been living in Barcelona for the last couple of years, studying and enjoying the city. They wanted to save their memories about their lifestyle here, and it was a real pleasure for me to do it!

I need to confess that I have a special feeling towards India, its culture, and people. I travel there pretty often, and in one of those travelings, in Rishikesh, I fell in love with a guy, who became my husband later.

But this story is not about me, it is about this beautiful couple and their adventures in Barcelona. We began shooting in the Cotton Hotel, and I couldn’t help making some classic portraits there, then we walked around the Gothic Quarter, and spent the rest of the time in their apartment.

Dear Aisha and Abhi, thank you for choosing me to be your photographer!



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  1. Hello,

    We live in Turkey and we are planning a honeymoon trip to Barcelona,
    And we want to take wedding photo there (with wedding dresses and suited)
    We will be there on 16th and 17th July.
    Can you offer us a wedding photograpy package ?

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