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    5 star review  Ksenia photographed our wedding in Barcelona and we are so so happy we found her! From the very first email Ksenia was friendly, professional and accommodating. As part of the package we had a one hour pre-wedding shoot with her which was really helpful as we got to know her and her style (and got beautiful photos from the session). On the day of the wedding it felt like having a friend taking our photos 🙂 All the guests commented on how friendly and unobtrusive Ksenia was, and she made the whole experience very relaxed and enjoyable. Most importantly, the photos were just beautiful. All of our friends and family have said how perfectly Ksenia captured the atmosphere of the day. We couldn't be happier with our photos and our whole experience with Ksenia. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer 🙂 xx

    thumb Cara Mannix

    5 star review  We cant recommend Ksenia enough,all i can say is she is amazing, we eloped recently to Barcelona with our children and she captured every moment. All the photos are so natural which we love. She has a wonderful talent and i would highly recommend. We cant thank her enough for the great job she has done for us.

    thumb Rachel Herron

    5 star review  She is a great photographer and so kind... I wanna do another session again!! 🙂

    thumb Gimelly Barreto

    5 star review  Ksenia was absolutely amazing! Throughout the whole process leading up to our trip, she was very communicative and did not hesitate to answer any and all questions or concerns that we had. She was very knowledgeable and presented us with a number of different location options that we could choose from. On the day of the shoot, she was a fantastic guide and she took us to several beautiful locations that we likely would have never found on our own. All of the pictures turned out wonderfully, and we could not be happier with them or with our overall experience with Ksenia. I would highly recommend her in a heartbeat for anyone looking to hire a photographer. She exemplifies the highest professionalism in her work, in addition to being an extraordinarily sweet person to be around. Thank you, Ksenia!

    thumb Matt Ceraso

    5 star review  We would highly recommend Ksenia! Ksenia took our wedding photos in Barcelona, and we could not be happier with the results. Coming from Norway it was great to an English-speaking photographer, and from the first e-mail she was highly professional. We also did an after-wedding shoot which we would recommend, as it was great to have photos from Barcelona in casual clothes as well. She made us feel relaxed and comfortable, and she captured all the right moments with excellent quality. We chose to have Ksenia take photos the entire wedding day and it was absolutely worth the price - we would do it all over again!

    thumb Mari Røstum Breines

    5 star review  Ksenia was so wonderful to work with! She takes such beautiful photos, and we were blown away by how talented she is. During our honeymoon shoot in Barcelona, she took photos of us as we walked down the streets of Barcelona and on the beach in Sitges. Ksenia takes wonderful, natural shots, really capturing how we act together. It took us a little bit to get comfortable, but she managed to take wonderful photos of us laughing through it and enjoying being together. I highly recommend her as a photographer for any occasion. Her photos are truly beautiful. Thank you so much, Ksenia!

    thumb Mia LeNoir

    5 star review  Our experience with Ksenia could not have been better. We did our engagement photos with her, and she made us feel comfortable and relaxed. She knew where all the best spots were to take photos, yet also tried things off the cuff to capture candid moments and new backgrounds unique to the day. Her turnaround time for the photos was even less than a week. We're so glad to have these photos to keep and show forever. Thanks Ksenia!

    thumb Tony Cheng

    5 star review  Мы очень ответственно подошли к выбору фотографа для нашей поездки. Просмотрели с десятки групп и работ фотографов. Как сделать выбор? У всех такие красивые, классные фотографии получаются!Но я точно сказала, я хочу, что б он снимал "жизненно", т.е. чтоб от фотографий веяло эмоциями и захватало дух от просмотра. Это только от видения и таланта фотографа зависит, мне кажется.И мы наткнулись на группу Ксюши. Я сразу поняла, это то, что я искала! Мне настолько понравились фото, что я их сохранила себе как картинки. Они все чудесные и необычайно атмосферные.У нас не было опыта фотосессий и мы не знали что делать, волновались немного, но Ксюшин настрой и поддержка вытянули нас из этих мыслей. Мы так хорошо провели время с ней! После фотосессии ходили и радовались почему-то)))Когда получили готовые фото, мы были в шоке! Даже представить не могли, что так красиво получимся! И я думаю, это потому что, Ксюша умеет видеть красоту и носит красоту внутри. Иначе не может быть таких волшебных фото!Спасибо большое!

    thumb Julia Puchcova

    5 star review  Having a photoshoot in Barcelona with Ksenia was an unimaginable experience. The way it was shot was so wonderful that it has left us speechless. Ksenia is a true professional who gave us the freedom and at the same time she captured the moments very beautifully and naturally. We are thankful to Ksenia for making it a memorable experience. Thanks Ksenia you are doing a wonderful job and please keep it going.

    thumb Gurpreet Kaur Bachal

    5 star review  Ksenia made us feel so comfortable and each photo shows a human side, in a natural emotional light which she captures so well. It is such a challenge having to pick from so much competition in photography, especially someone that knows little about you and your DNA. I trusted my instinct and I was right to. A great photographer with discretion and a lot of heart. I highly recommend Ksenia!

    thumb Caroline Fielding

    5 star review  Seems like it’s absolutely true – accident acquaintances never happen. And not only in real world, but also in virtual, too. It is pretty strange: you draw a draft picture in your mind of that little part of your life, and then you click “Search”, all needed hashtags get built, you find something, open it… and now you see that everything is exactly from your dreams! And somehow you are lucky enough to get on a plane and go wherever you’ve planned. And that’s when we see each other face to face for the very first time… As a result I get absolutely tremendous shots. I am not trying to talk and exaggerate something, but that draft picture made in my mind got reached and turned to reality. Seems like magic, but a pro behind a camera lens managed to read and interpret everything so meaningful to you… And it took just 30 minutes, with no comments or discussion… Do you still believe in accidents?! These series of pictures were received from one great and positively minded person @ksenia.pardo and that fortunate hashtag was #фотографвбарселоне The only thing I have to do is to recommend you meet this photographer. She works not only in Barcelona, as far as I know, and not only in the Gothic Quarter… Ksenia travels a lot… And now you know – there are no accidents 😉

    thumb Liliya Lebedeva

    5 star review  We were extremely happy to meet Ksenia in Barcelona and order photo memories given by her! Thank you very much and always be successful in your creations!

    thumb Oleg Dorodnov

    5 star review  Don’t even remember how I’ve found Ksenia on the Internet. I dreamed of something beautiful, tender and romantic in Barcelona. And Ksenia was that photographer who cherished our wish and turned it to life! The photo shoot took only 30-40 minutes! We got wonderful and emotional pictures! My husband and I are so thankful to this wonderful and talented young lady!!!

    thumb Ksenija Kurs

    5 star review  Y’all know that wedding is an event that must be perfect 🙂 Wedding photos in our rating of the most important wedding things were probably of the highest priority, that’s why we did our best to find that perfect photographer who could make our dream come true 🙂 And we were absolutely happy to find Ksenia – a great person and professional. I was soooo nervous about being awkward or strange-looking on our pics 🙂 But everything turned out to be positive and great. Ksenia seems to guess people’s moods and know something about every just married couple, which is quite evident in her works. I believe, this ability to “feel” people is essential for a good photographer. Ksenia, thank you SO MUCH for your positive thinking, understanding, for unbelievable emotions and tears of joy after looking through our wonderful photos (tell you honestly, my hands were shaking 🙂 I remember you organizing our guests at an outdoor banquet, cheering me up when I was upset, with scared big eyes on my face 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Hope to see you again, girl 🙂

    thumb Olga Kudryasheva

    5 star review  Ksenia, well done! We are so glad that was you who photographed us in Barcelona! I am always rather demanding in everything that deals with photos. My husband knows that) But you appeared to be beyond any existing good words!

    thumb Zhuikova Julia

    5 star review  Even though I’ve found my wedding photographer by chance, wise men often say: “accidents are never accidental” and I absolutely agree with that. Ksenia gave us wonderful photographs that will always keep memories of this happy sunny day) As for me, I got two dreams come true in one day: to get married on Friday 13, 2013 and get wonderful photos of this day! That’s what we finally received, and Ksenia happened to be that person who made my second wish come true. Thank you so much for this!

    thumb Ann Yevteyeva

    5 star review  One of our long-running dreams was a photo set in our beloved Barcelona, and Ksenia helped us doing her best!!!) Our pics turned out to be so light, tender and sometimes even funny (I’m talking about a photo where I’m catching a pigeon and about green parrots :))) But even more important thing is that our photographer herself appeared to be a nice person that easily shares her positive emotions, kindness and sunny mood! I believe, it is essential how a photographer behaves during photo sets, how he or she treats other people, clients. Here Ksenia knows no competitors. The shooting process was so relaxed, nice and open-hearted. Good luck to you in your new projects and discoveries!;)

    thumb Anna Trk

    5 star review  Ksenia, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for being with us on this important and really nervous day. Your confidence, professional behavior and support did a great job in helping us relax and express our emotions and great mood. The slideshow and pictures taken by you were so far beyond our expectations. All of them turned to be extremely natural, emotional and romantic… We love watching them again and again remembering that happy day of ours! It seems like we’ve been choosing a photographer for long-long days. Thanks God, our efforts were paid off and we’ve found Ksenia! Thank you, girl!!! We’ll tell all of our friends and family about you 😉

    thumb Irina Repina

    5 star review  Can’t say anything about other clients, but me and my daughter are ABSOLUTELY delighted!!! Ksenia, thanks not only for your wonderful work and terrific photos, but also for that pleasant walk, our great memories and professionally caught moments! We were just very glad to meet such a great person as you are! Daughter is already planning her visit to you next year)) The atmosphere was GREAT! We are 100% satisfied and are still enjoying our marvelous pics! THANK YOU!

    thumb Tatjana Magomedova

    5 star review  Ksenia, thank you very much for your talent and those sincere moments of joy and delight. I have always been looking for a professional who could feel life in the photo. And I’ve found you. Te quiero, Barcelona See all images

    thumb Anna Vladi

    5 star review  Guess what? We’ve got the best photos! Ksenia, thank you very much for our unbelievably beautiful photos with wonderful moments shot on them!) You are a real pro and do everything with all your heart! Appreciate your care and genius.���

    thumb Goshina Dasha

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